Happy New Year to you all!

If you make New Year’s resolutions, have you resolved to learn a new language or to learn more of language?

I don’t really make resolutions, but plan to continue my studies of Breton and Russian this year. I don’t know how long it will take me to get to a level I feel comfortable with in each, but once I get there, I may have a go at Swedish or Norwegian, probably using an Assimil course in German, which will help to improve my German as well.

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  1. macsen says:

    Well, I’m just going for improving my Deutsch.

  2. David Eger says:

    One non-native language at a time is enough for me. Since I’m now in my 7th year of residency in Wales, I ought to push on with Cymraeg. I should make more effort to escape the Anglophone bubble in which I live and seek out more opportunities to use my Welsh. A weekly evening class can take you so far, but speaking with the same group of people week in, week out (even though some are much more advanced and ‘natural’ than me, having learned Welsh at school), doesn’t provide a broad enough experience of the language to become a fully fluent speaker.

  3. tomh says:

    I have moved to Sweden since last year, and my goal is to reach C2 in Swedish (currently in a B2 course). In addition, I have an overall scheme to master as many Nordic languages as possible (I also speak Icelandic). Think I am going to work on Northern Sami this year.

  4. Laurits says:

    Jag ska lära mig ryska!

  5. Christopher says:

    I study the same language–Danish–every year. The better I get, the harder it is to get any better. I’m currently stuck at the “understand TV dramas and movies” stage.

  6. michael farris says:

    Current priorities:
    Polish (since it’s where I live),
    German (for an upcoming meeting in Berlin)
    Kannada (favorite Dravidian language).
    My own private conlang (based on the florida muskoghean languages).

    Backburner: Hungarian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Muscogee, Spanish

    Lower priority: European languages that belong to a branch where I already know another member (Italian, Norwegian, Bulgarian)

    Dormant but hope still lives: Irish, Lithuanian (or Latvian), Greek, Maltese, Indonesian, Albanian

  7. Joe Mock says:

    My plans:
    first semester: focus Hebrew/ for fun: Serbian & Estonian/maintenance: Latin, Greek, Urdu, Tagalog second semester: focus Coptic/ for fun Mongolian & Ukranian/ maintenance as above. Also projected for reading in course I’m teaching, Il sargento nella neve and De Aanslag. Just finished Latvian and Korean. Also for myself brush up M. Greek, Old English for some poetry reading I want to do.

  8. Heike says:

    I am going to learn European Portuguese for a trip there this summer.

  9. Aprilette says:

    Wow I would love to learn German and Italian. These two languages are quite historical in nature and are amazing to learn. Plus I’m amazed with the history of Germany and how it achieved peace in the end. I hope it’s not too hard to learn both. I’m amazed and intrigued with people who speak several languages. Not only is it a skill but it’s a huge talent for any individual.

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