Multilingual resources

I found some useful sites with information in multiple languages today:

The multilingual bird search engine contains the names of birds in eighteen languages, including Catalan, Danish, Esperanto, English, French, German and Swedish, as well as their scientific names.

The Multilingual dictionary of musical terms is a musical glossary in English, French, German and Serbian.

Multilingual Animal Glossary of Unveiled Synonyms (MAGUS) is a dictionary of the common names of wild and domestic mammals and birds in more than 50 languages of Europe.

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2 Responses to Multilingual resources

  1. renato figueiredo says:

    The clue about Multilingual Animal Glossary of Unveiled Synonyms (MAGUS) this site is fantastic. The others two are more technical, you must know first what your are looking for. Anyway these multilanguage dictionaries are very interesting. There is a greek man who is also doing a multilanguage dictionary with common words in several European languages, but unfortunately I don’t remember the site’s name.

  2. renato figueiredo says:

    I reminded the site’s name:
    I don’t know if he is still working in his multilangual dict.

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