Word of the day – snasail

Today’s word, snasail, is Scottish Gaelic for accurate, alright, brave, decent, elegant, lopped, neat or ornamented. When I stumbled upon it in my Gaelic dictionary, I thought at first that it said ‘snailsail’, which conjured up an image of sailing snail.

A related words include:
snasmhor – neat, smart or elegant
snas-bhriathrach – eloquent, oratorical, rhetorical (briathrach = eloquent, loquacious, talkative)
snas-chainnt – philology, rhetoric (cainnt = language, speech)
snasachadh – analysis, carving, elegance, make-up, ornamenting, polishing

The root of these words is snas, which means aspect, colour, decency, elegance, gloss, perfectness, polish.

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