Language learning – finding that elusive catalyst

Guest post by Rajul Chande

Having found it so tough to learn languages myself, I’ve always been fascinated by how others manage to do it. So I decided to interview people who have learned languages to find those seductive but elusive “short cuts”, if they exist at all!

This project is now taking shape as a book which I’m co-authoring, aiming to “model” useful language learning habits and methods from real case studies.

We’re hoping that the tips from these “language learner biographies” will inspire more people to take on the challenge of learning languages, a challenge supported in such encyclopaedic depth by the Omniglot website.

I remember at school how my motivation was driven by a passion for French cinema.
This taught me about finding deep-seated motivation through something you love doing anyway, where the language offers a gateway to further your enjoyment.

And as I currently scramble along trying to improve my Italian (love of the country), Spanish (love of Latin music) and German (love of my girlfriend!), I’m doing my best to keep this in mind, though progress is nowhere near as smooth as I’d like.

I’m in awe of people like Simon who traverse the boundaries of different language families so courageously.

I hope that as a fellow languages enthusiast reading this you might be tempted to contribute your own “linguistic biography” to the book. Please email me via the contact form at to receive a short questionnaire.

You might even see your language learning exploits in print when the book is published later this year.

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