A visitor to Omniglot sent in this image of a manuscript and would like to know if anyone can decipher it.

Khmer manuscript

See a larger version

The writing system is Khmer, and the person who sent it in was told that the language might be Pali.

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4 Responses to Puzzle

  1. Jayarava says:

    If someone can transcribe the khmer script I can tell you if it’s Pāli.

  2. d.m.falk says:

    The other possibility is that this may be Cambodian, or western, Cham, which used the Khmer orthography.


  3. Qcumber says:

    Isn’t it Siamese?

  4. Jeisuke says:

    I think Qcumber has it. It looks very much like the Thai Khom script (basically Thai written in the Khmer Aksar Mul script…with a few extra letters and with tone marks). It has the “o” and “aw” not existing in the Khmer Aksar Mul, as well as tone 1 and tone 2 marks. I highly doubt it’s Cham as Cham is either written in the Western Cham script…..Akhar Thrah (or something like that) or in a version of the Malay “Jawi” script.

    Refer to “Inventaire provisiore des characteres et divers signes des ecritures khmeres pre-modernes et modernes employes pour la notation du khmer, du siamois, des dialectes thais meridionaux, du sanskrit et du pali” downloadable at http://aefek.free.fr/iso_album/antelme_bis.pdf.

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