Language quiz

Here’s a recording in a mystery language.

Can you identify the language and where it’s spoken?

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12 Responses to Language quiz

  1. bennie says:

    It sounds like a northern Iroquoian language, but I can’t tell which one. I’d go for Mohawk or Onondaga.

  2. TJ says:

    Yeah sounds native American. I don’t know much about these languages really, but the sample here sounds like some stuff I heard long time ago in Navajo and Heidi (spelling?).

  3. Christopher Miller says:

    Being from Montreal and living not far from Kanesatake, I’ll guess this is Mohawk (Kanien’kehá:ka).

  4. William Athol says:

    I know that I am most likely wrong, but I detected a Baltic/Eastern European sound. I’m pretty sure that this is the Lord’s Prayer or something of that nature, as I heard the speaker say [‘je:su].

  5. fiosachd says:

    Though I don’t know Mohawk, besides Ié:sos (Jesus), I think I can make out the word khetshanihs (fear).

  6. Eee says:

    To be different I’ll say Seneca.

  7. Petréa Mitchell says:

    TJ: Do you mean Haida?

    As for the recording itself, I’ve got no idea…

  8. G says:

    Just like the past comments, I heard something that sounded like “Jesus”, but no clue about anything else. Native North American?

  9. P. says:

    Agreed that it’s an Iroquoian language. Oneida?

  10. P. says:

    …or, never mind, because I went and listened to a Mohawk video on Youtube, and it sure sounds like the same language to me.

  11. Simon says:

    The answer is Mohawk (Kanien’keha), an Iroquoian language spoken in Quebec, Ontario and New York State.

    The recording comes from the Global Recordings Network.

  12. Kevin says:

    wow, the prosody is so similar to Sámi (which is totally unrelated)…

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