I made another little film with Xtranormal today, and this one’s in German and English.

If there are any mistakes in the German, please let me know.

I suppose the aim of these films is the demonstrate how to use some basic phrases in various languages. It should be possible to work out what the non-English parts mean from the English parts, though I do provide full transcripts on YouTube. I usually slip in a reference or two to hovercrafts and eels and use other ‘useful’ phrases to make them amusing and memorable.

Xtranormal supports 10 different languages at the moment, plus a number of language varieties like American, British and Australian English, French of France and Quebec, Spanish of Spain and Mexico, etc, and I plan to make films using all of them. The free version of the site only lets you have two characters per film and each one can speak a different language.

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4 Responses to Luftkissenfahrzeuge

  1. Luise says:

    there are some mistakes in the german:

    it’s “fahrzeuge” not “fahrzeugen” (0:22 from the end)
    and “es war nett mit ihnen zu sprechen” not “es war nett mit sie zu sprechen” (about 0:15 from the end).
    apart from that it was perfect. very nice!

  2. Gary says:

    Another tiny quibble: the same problem exists in the title of this post—the nominative plural is Luftkissenfahrzeuge.

    Luftkissenfahrzeugen can only be the dative plural.

    Other than that it’s wunderbar.

  3. Drabkikker says:

    @ Luise:
    Your name suggests that you’re a native speaker, so I run a serious risk of saying something stupid here, but doesn’t mit always go with the 3rd case; i.e., Ihnen?

  4. Drabkikker says:

    Whoops, sorry Luise: I see now that’s exactly what you were saying. Entschuldigung, es wird nicht wieder passieren.

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