Language quiz

Here are recordings of three closely-related languages. Can you work out what languages they are and which one is which?

Recording 1

Recording 2

Recording 3

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11 Responses to Language quiz

  1. Colm says:

    Simon! Simon! I know, I know! Pick me! lol *grins*

    hehe This one was SO EASY for me but I won’t spoil it for the other people by telling. That would be mean.

  2. Ben L. says:

    Sounds Celtic- Thinking about what the speakers might sound like in their presumed second languages, I guess Welsh, Irish, and Breton respectively.

  3. Tadhg says:

    I’m not proud – it’s 1. Manx, 2. Scottish Gaelic, and 3. Irish.

  4. Per says:

    I would have guessed Afrikaans, Flemish and Dutch proper. Having listened to Manx radio though, I am convinced that I was wrong. Anyone else who thinks that Dutch and Celtic sound the same?

  5. Colm says:

    tut tut tut Tadhg hehe 😀 He is of course right.

    Per – Well there was a sort of Dutch resemblence in some of the sounds in the first couple of seconds for the first recording which was Manx. But listening to it as a whole a few times that feeling goes.

    Ben, why second language? I would imagine that these people speak these languages as their first. Why not? 🙂

  6. Ben L. says:

    Indeed, they very well could and I would be totally ignorant to it. The second languages I was referring to, though, were the majority national languages in Britain, Ireland, and France. My method was to transpose the speakers’ voices over into those tongues, apparently unsuccessfully. I was using “second” not in the sense of “non-native”, simply in the sense of “other”.

  7. Colm says:

    Got you. (I understand).

  8. John says:

    Does anyone still speak Manx?

  9. Simon says:

    John – about 650 people speak Manx, and another thousand or so have some knowledge of the language. Some families are bringing up their children with Manx as their first language, and there’s a number of nursery schools and one primary school that teach everything through the medium of Manx.

  10. Tom says:

    So, what were the correct answers?

  11. Simon says:

    Tadhg got the answers right: 1. Manx, 2. Scottish Gaelic and 3. Irish.

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