My plan to stick to one language for two days at a time is going quite well so far. Previously I usually only listened to one or two different programmes at a time on online radio stations. Listening to one station all day is interesting as you get to hear a greater variety of programmes and voices.

Yesterday I even listened to a bit of Manx on the website of the Manx band, King Chiaulee. There’s a recording of an interview with the band from Energy FM on the Goodies page and the presenter talks in Manx and English.

Quite often during the day one of my language exchange partners contacts me and wants to chat. While it’s great to practice speaking and writing Mandarin, Japanese and Spanish, or occasionally other languages, it tends to distract me from the Celtic languages I’m trying to concentrate on.

It’s hard work being a polyglot!

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4 Responses to Distractions

  1. Colm says:

    I admire your enthusiasm and dedication! 😀 I struggle to find time to manage 3 or 4 languages on a go never mind the language learning levels you clock up! 😀

  2. Zoe says:

    Hello, I found here accidentally,
    and this Blog is great.
    and I feel sorry about I bothered you recently.
    Sorry! …>_

  3. Simon says:

    Zoe – 別擔心,我喜歡跟你聊天!

  4. art says:

    對阿, 我也想跟你聊天! 我說德文一點. 可是我的英文更好!

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