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Here are a few online language-related resources that I came across recently:

– A series of videos on YouTube showing how Chinese characters have developed from the original pictures:

esPodkasto – la podkasto en esperanto (Esperanto podcast)

Lojban Radio – an introduction to this logical language (in Lojban and English)

Hour of Babble – podcasts about constructed languages (conlangs)

Eddie Izzard on learning French

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5 Responses to Web resources

  1. Weili says:

    Wonder why they spelled it “Hanji” instead of “Hanzi”.

  2. Joseph Staleknight says:


  3. Zachary says:

    I found the Eddie Izzard video hilarious 😛 But the Hanji videos were not that helpful if you don’t know any chinese… well a bit of the first video was, but nothing else.

  4. Lillian Sagtit says:

    How do you guys lik these languages so much that you get pleasure from them? I wanto learn af-soomaali

  5. New Zealand Coffee Lover says:

    Somali is nice but I like to go west.
    Amarinya betam konjo no.

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