Today is the fourth anniversary of this blog, and in the past four years no fewer than 988 posts and 9,533 comments have appeared here.

In the same time the number of visitors to Omniglot has doubled from 500,000 a month to over a million, so I must be doing something right.

When I first ventured into the blogosphere back in 2006 I thought it might be difficult to think of things to write about regularly, but so far this hasn’t been the case. I set out to write something here every day, and managed to do so, with only a few breaks, for the first couple of years. Then my posts became slightly less frequent, partly because other things have kept me busy, and also to give you longer to ponder and comment on each post.

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8 Responses to Blogversary

  1. Jim Morrison says:

    A million visitors a month!
    That’s about the same as my blog gets… give or take a million 😉

    Great blog Simon,
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Corcaighist says:

    Wow, a million a month! That is some major, major traffic. Congrats! But it is to be expected. You have an awesome blog and site!

  3. Happy anniversary!!!

    Your blog is a reference to the ones who love languages.

  4. Congratulations! I hear that most blogs don’t survive past 6 months. My co-author Thomas and I have kept going for over 2 and half years now but we don’t post that often and (naturally) don’t get anywhere near a million visitors a month. Well done!

  5. xarxa says:

    and happily enough its my birthday today! many happy returns to both of us

  6. Declan says:

    Go n-éirí an t-adh leat, agus tá súil agam go mbeirimid beo ag an t-am seo arís agus go maireann an blog seo ar feadh ceithre bhliana eile!

  7. formiko says:


  8. Tommy says:

    I check this blog on a daily basis. Thanks for the inspiring work and informative discussions.

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