This morning I had a long chat on Skype with a Japanese lass from somewhere near Tokyo. We talked in a mixture of Japanese and English, and I was pleased to discover that I can still speak Japanese, inspite of many years of neglect. There are many words I’ve forgotten, and I tend to get the word order wrong sometimes, but I can still communicate, and it was starting to come back to me slowly as we talked.


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5 Responses to Nihongo

  1. Mike says:

    スカイプで日本人と会話するのが出来ます? 僕は日本語を練習するのが必要ですから、それを試します。 日本語がちょっと難しいですが、とても好きです。

  2. Joseph Staleknight says:

    I’d like a translation—My computer doesn’t support Kanji or Kana….

  3. Mike says:

    What I typed translates to:
    “You can have conversations with people in Japan using Skype? I’ll have to try it sometime, since I need to practice my Japanese. Japanese may be difficult, but I really enjoy it.”

  4. parkbench says:


  5. 雑魚武 says:


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