Armenian inscription

Can anyone decipher the writing on this image?

Armenian inscription

It appears on the back of a photo of a gentleman who was born in Russia of an Armenian family. Unfortunately part of the inscription is missing.

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  1. Christopher Miller says:

    Well, it’s obviously cursive Armenian: I recognised the letter shapes immediately but apart from the ‘ա’ letter (like IPA ‘ɯ’ if the Armenian is not showing up here), which corresponds to ‹a›, I don’t know the values of the letters. If there’s no Armenian expert here, we could probably eventually put values to each of the shapes…

  2. Polly says:

    I’ll give it a shot. It’s chopped up on the sides so it’s a little more difficult to figure out the context.

    1st row: kani or guh mnam kordzuh yeghav… – How many days I stay the work is done.

    2nd row:…dam Sime?iin usah degh chertah ussb… – give to Simon(?) I said that someone shouldn’t go to a place.

    3rd row: serozhus shad lav eh manen chi – my ?? is very good from ???

    4th row:…perel guseh vor shad lav guh sorve – to bring [somebody] says that [someone] is learning very well.

    5th row: zhamanaguh che kah chi gareli dan-… – time doesn’t come not possible to take-(?)

    That’s it. If I could see the whole thing, I’m pretty sure I or my wife could translate it.

  3. Polly says:

    2nd row, the chopped off word at the end is probably a variant of “wait.”

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