Chinese in Liberia

China is apparently one of the largest overseas investors in Liberia and there are numerous Chinese people working there. As a result some Liberians have started learning Chinese and some of them are keen to visit China if they get the chance. Lessons are taking place in the Samuel Doe Stadium in Monrovia, and in the Confucius Institute, which opened in the University of Liberia in December 2008.

If the locals learn to read Chinese as well they will be able to understand the Chinese versions of the numerous agreements that are signed. There is even a Chinese language radio station there for the Chinese migrants and expats.

There are more than 20 Chinese language schools in Africa at the moment, according to this report.

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2 Responses to Chinese in Liberia

  1. Joel Linton says:

    China is a neo-colonialist power in a post-colonialist age. Other countries do not seem to realize this because the West for the most part has left colonialism behind.

    China’s increasing involvement in Africa is related to its quest for resources. Some countries, e.g. Malawi, are disappointed with the promises China has made. I do not think China’s involvement in Africa can be in anyway classified as philanthropic.

  2. Weili says:

    Of course it’d be too naive to label China’s involvement in Africa as philanthropic. No nation worth its damn would ever give without acquiring, or expecting to acquire, something in return.

    However, I strongly disagree that the “West”, especially the U.S., has left colonialism behind. Afghanistan and Iraq anyone?

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