Word of the day – skeet

Skeet, which apparently comes from Old Icelandic, is a word you’re likely to hear frequently in the Isle of Man. It’s means gossip, more or less. People will ask you, “Got any skeet (at you)?” and will try to find out all about who you’ve seen, where they were and what they were doing, who they were with, and so on. The holder of any juicy skeet will try and keep as much of it to themselves for as long as they can to build up the suspense.

You can also have a skeet (look) at something, for example if you’ve brought something new people will ask for a skeet at it, and having a skeet at the neighbours from behind your net curtains is a common practice.

In Manx the word skeet means sneak or news, and jollys-skeet is a voyeur.

Other meanings of skeet include:

– clay targets used in trapshooting – known as clay pigeons in the UK
– a poker hand consisting of a 9, a 5, a 2, and two other cards lower than 9.
– loud, disruptive and poorly educated person of low social status (in Newfoundland slang)
– to squirt

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6 Responses to Word of the day – skeet

  1. Peter J. Franke says:

    In Frisian “skeet” has to do with shit, gas as well as the material coming from your bottom. It is also an expression for an atractive baby or child, and girl. The Dutch word is “scheet” with [X} instead of [k]. With some fantasy you can find a relation with the gossip and other meanings on the isle of Man.

  2. Declan says:

    It’s used in Ireland along with clay pidgeon as a type of shooting. Clay pidgeon is probably more popular, certainly with those not involved in shooting.

  3. Tommy says:

    I’m from the Southern East Coast of the US where I have heard “skeet” either in some sort of bird shooting sport, but also as a vulgar, slang term referring to coitus interruptus and then ejaculation. At least where I’m from, it’s one of those words you shouldn’t just throw around all over the place…

  4. Ray says:

    Yea, skeet’s vulgar in Mid-Atlantic US for the same reason that Tommy said.

  5. dreaminjosh says:

    Haha, yeah… here in the South Eastern USA, “skeet” isn’t something you wanna just go around saying either. It’s just inappropriate- for the same reason Tommy and Ray said.

  6. Talib says:

    Agreed – aside from the meaning of skeet-shooting (firing at clay discs) it’s used as a slang term meaning ejaculation, close to the Japanese practice of bukkake. I believe it originated in AAVE.

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