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Runeing along the Silk Road

A team of intrepid researchers from Icelandic and Turkey are planning a three-month journey through Central Asia to research the origins of Runic writing, according to the Zaman online newspaper. They believe that Runic writing was transmitted to Europe from Mongolia via the Silk Road. The usually explanation of the origins of the Orkhon script […]

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Learning by reading

Today I came across another interesting language learning method on Language learning tips, which was used by the 19th-century German archaeologist, Heinrich Schliemann (1822-1890), who excavated Troy. In order to learn Greek he read a Greek translation of one of his favourite books, and compared the translation word by word and line by line with […]

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Newyddion o Gymru / News from Wales

Fe ffeindiais i dwy straeon diddorol o Gymru heddiw: Pwyleg yn Wrecsam Mae plismon o Wrecsam yn dysgu Pwyleg oherwydd fod tuag 10,000 o fewnfudwyr o’r Wlad Pwyl yn byw yno, a fe wnaeth e ddod yn ail yng Ngwobrau Blynyddol i Swyddogion Cymunedol. Selsig ddraig Oherwydd does dim cig draig yn y selsig gydag […]

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Language quiz

Today’s mystery language comes from an online news bulletin. Can you work what it is? This language is part of a large family and is written with its own alphabet.

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Name the language

Can you work out what language this short conversation is in, and what it means? This language is spoken mainly in one large city and has no official status.

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Building vocabulary

There’s some useful advice on a site I found today called Language Learning Tips. One of the tips for building vocabulary is that you try to learn three new words in the language(s) you’re studying every day, and that you write them down in a diary or blog. After a year, you’ll have a vocabulary […]

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Blown away

It’s extremely windy here today, which has got me thinking about the names given to particular winds in different parts of the world. My favourite wind names are Sirocco, a southerly wind that blows from north Africa to southern Europe, and Mistral, a cold northerly wind that blows from central France and the Alps to […]

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Art and aliens

It struck me today that the Irish word for artists, ealaíontóirí, sounds like ‘alien tory’. I hadn’t really noticed this before. When I hear or read the word, it usually brings to mind artists and art, though hearing it out of context triggered the thoughts of extraterrestrial members of the Conservative Party. I try to […]

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A number of you have suggested that I add a forum to Omniglot. I’ve been investigating this and it doesn’t appear to be too difficult to set up. What I’m not sure about is how long I’d need to spend administering and moderating it. Do any of you act as forum adminstrators or moderators? How […]

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Word of the day – hysbyseb

Today’s word, hysbyseb (pl, hysbysebion), is the Welsh for advertisement or insertion. Related words include, hysbysebu, to advertise or inform, hysbysfwrdd, noticeboard, hysbysiad, announcement, and hysbysrwydd, information, which is also gwybodaeth. Hysbyseb comes from the hysbys, which means known, and is used in the term for soothsayer, dyn hysbys. Examples of usage Dw i wedi […]

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