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Writing and memory

When studying, making notes is often something you do instead of memorizing information. While some of the information will stick in your mind, most of it will remain on paper or screen. When you need to use the information, in conversation, for example, if you’re studying a language, or maybe in an exam, you won’t […]

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Word of the day – giovanissimi

giovanissimi, noun = young teenagers Related words: gioventù, noun = youth giovane, adjective = young, noun = youth, young man, girl, young woman giovanotto, noun = young man giovanile, adjective = youthful i giovani, noun = the young Antonyms vecchio, adjective = old, noun = old man vecchia, noun = old woman i vecchi, noun […]

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Visible thoughts

Visible speech is one name for writing, and also the title of an interesting book about writing by John DeFrancis. Speech is not the only thing that writing makes visible though. In the Harry Potter stories there is a device known as a ‘pensive’, into which wizards can empty their memories and peruse them at […]

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Word of the day – cnatan

cnatan, noun = cold Tha’n cnatan orm = I have a cold (lit. “Is the cold on me”) Tha an cnatan a’ tighinn orm = I’m getting a cold (lit. “Is the cold a coming on me”) Another way to say I have a cold, which I do at moment, which is why I chose […]

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Word of the day – proboscitude

proboscitude, adjective = the condition of having a long flexible prehensile trunk. From proboscis, noun = a long flexible prehensile trunk or snount, as of an elephant; the elongated mouthparts of cetain insects, adapted for piercing and sucking food Origin: via Latin from Greek προβοσκις (proboskis) – trunk of an elephant, from βοσκειν (boskein) – […]

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