Mil Harddach

This is a traditional Welsh lullaby.

Mil Harddach

Mil Harddach wyt na'r rhosyn gwyn,
Na'r rhosyn coch ar ael y bryn
Na'r alarch balch yn nofio'r llyn,
Fy maban bach.

Mwy swynol yw dy chwerthin mwyn
Na chan y fronfraith yn y llwyn,
Nan murmur mor o ben y twyn,
Fy maban bach.

Mwy annwyl wyt na'r oenig gwyn
Na'r blodau tlws ar ochrau'r bryn,
Na dawnsio heulwen ar y llyn,
Fy maban bach.

Mil gwell gen i nag aur y byd,
Yw gweld dy wenau yn dy grud,
Fy ffortiwn wyt, a gwyn fy myd,
Fy maban bach.

Mil Harddach

Your are a thousand times more beautiful than the white rose,
Or the red rose on the brow of the hill,
Or the proud swan swimming the lake,
My little baby.

More charming is your gentle laughter
Than the song of the thrush in the grove,
Or the sea's murmur from the hill top,
My little baby.

You are more dear than the little white lamb,
Or the pretty flowers on the hillside,
Or the dancing of the sunlight on the lake,
My little baby.

A thousand times better to me than the world's gold
Is seeing your smiles in your cot,
You are my fortune, and my blessing,
My little baby.


Recordings of this song

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