Bachgen bach o dincer

This song was learned by ear by Meredydd Evans from Ifan O. Williams, who collected it from an old man in Penmaenmawr in preparation for a radio series on old songs from the end of the 1940s. The old man learnt it at school did his best to "Welshify" a song in English, a language he didn't understand at the time.

Bachgen bach o dincer

Bachgen bach o dincer
yn crwydro'r hyd y wlad,
Cario'i dwls yn dacla,
Gwneud ei waith yn rhad,
Yn ei law roedd haearn
Ac ar ei gefn roedd bocs,
Pwt o getyn yn ei geg,
A than ei drwyn roedd locs.

Potsiar a peipar a twigar owns agen,
Ddy potsiar o ddy peipar o ddy nicrbocr lein;
La di da di da di da, hoc it on ddy tshen,
Ddy potsiar o ddy peipar o ddy knickerbocker line.

Cydio yn y babell,
Y piser neu'r ystên;
Taro'r haearn yn y tân
A dal i sgwrsio'n glên;
Eistedd yn y gongol,
Un goes ar draws y llall,
Taenu'r sodor gloyw glân
I gywrain guddio'r gwall.

Holi hwn ac arall
Ple'r aeth y tincer mwyn,
Gyda'i becyn ar ei gefn,
A chetyn dan ei drwyn.
Bachgen bach o dincer
Ni welir yn y wlad;
Mae'n golled ar ei ôl
I 'neud ei waith yn rhad.

A Little Tinker Boy

A little tinker boy
Wandering the countryside
Carrying his pack on his back
And doing his work cheaply.
In his hand an iron
And on his back a box,
A little pipe in his mouth
And under his nose, whiskers.

Taking up a pitcher,
A pot or frying pan,
Placing the iron in the fire,
While talking in a friendly manner,
Sitting in the corner,
One leg over the other,
Spreading the clean and shiny solder
To mend the defect tidily.

We ask different people
Where the kind tinker has gone,
With his pack on his back
And his pipe under his nose.
The little tinker boy
Is nowhere to be seen,
Oh what a loss it is –
He did his work so cheaply.

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