Puzzling postcard

This is a message on postcard sent in by a visitor to Omniglot, who thinks the writing might be in Gujarati. Can anyone decipher it?

Postcard with mysterious message in Gujarati?

4 thoughts on “Puzzling postcard

  1. Looks to me like some Thai handwriting I’ve seen before, but I can see how Gujarati is similar to the un-trained eye (mine).

  2. It’s definitely Gujarati, but I’m not quite sure what it says.

  3. Agreed with Wolfgang. The handwriting is rather sloppy at times, so only knowing Gujarati would help in transliterating some parts of the text. That said, other parts are fairly clear; it has certain letters and ligatures that only occur in Gujarati script. Unfortunately, I’m not on a computer with a Gujarati fontbright now, so I couldn’t really illustrate them for you. The ‘crossed S’ shapes on the second from last line on the left side of the card are Gujarati , for example, and the letter that follos right after the comma is . What looks a bit like a stretched and broken ‘u’ with an apostrophe inside it, judt below these letters, is the distinctly Gujarati retroflex letter.

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