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  1. It sounds Slavonic, about the dragon being the symbol for (something) … but I am not sure yet whether it is a natural language or a conlang.

  2. Slavic, like everyone says, probably Eastern. Not modern Russian, Ukrainian, or Belarusian, but possibly a medieval or dialectal variety of one of them. It has archaic Eastern Slavic features, like “суть были”. Or maybe it’s Rusyn or a variety of Slovak or Polish. It’s weird, because it sounds like a book of history or a travelogue, but I cannot think of any well-known book of this kind that talks about China, like this recording does, but I’m not a big expert on Old Russian literature. It could be something like Afanasi Nikitin’s famous travel book, for example, but as far as I know, he traveled to Arab countries, Iran, and India, and not to China. So the precise answer remains a mystery.

  3. Interesting. Overall, it gives me a West Slavic vibe (Polish-sounding /tʃa’suv/ for gen.pl.(?) of “time”), but /doʃtʃ/ for “rain” seems to point at East or South Slavic. Bulgarian/Macedonian area is excluded since there are noun cases. Hard /g/ seems to exclude Belarusian and Ukrainian areas.

    Noun /vladar/ “ruler” seems to point to the Balkans. I’d look at Serbo-Slovene dialect continuum.

  4. I’m a native Polish speaker, so I was able to understand everything, but the language sounded… artificial to me, especially from the way how meticulously the speaker spoke it. I’d say Interslavic

  5. After listening to this again, I also heard the words ‘kitay(u)’ (China) and ‘imperator(a)’ (emperor). So what we now need is an Interslavic (or Slovio?) dictionary in order to find out if those two are a match …

  6. ‘China’, ’emperor’, ‘dragon’ and ‘symbol’ are all found in the form I hear them in the Interslavic online translator. That doesn’t mean too much but I am also guessing Interslavic.

  7. The language is Interslavic (Меджусловјански / Medžuslovjanski), an international auxiliary language designed to be used by speakers of different Slavic languages to communicate with one another.

    The recording comes from YouTube

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