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  1. I think it is Asiatic and must be a story fromthe Bible as I heard Jesus and Jericho I thought. Stay tuned!

  2. I concur with Hank. I’d say more likely a CHfistian or Christian-influenced culture.

    The most notable phonological features I heard are /d̠ʒ/ as the initial consonant in Jesus and Jericho and either /t̠ʃʰ/ or /t̠ʃʼ/.

  3. Yes, I agree with both Hank and Daniel. As this language is spoken in the NE of India, roughly the area of the ‘Seven Sisters’ (states), a stronghold of Christianity in that country, I checked on Mizo (Mizoram) and Manipuri but they don’t sound much like our recording. Still searching!

  4. The language is Khasi (Ka Ktien Khasi / ক ক্ত্যেন খসি), an Austroasiatic language spoken mainly in Meghalaya state in northeastern India.

    The recording comes from YouTube

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