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  1. My weekly guess is that it is influenced by Spanish ( I heard “trabajo” in it plus some other words and/or sounds) so maybe an indigenous language of Mexico, Central America or even South America. Of course, as well, it might be something from the Philippines also influenced by Spanish.

  2. I wonder if it’s some sort of Spanish dialect, more Northern Spain than Southern (I thought I heard a ‘th’ in ‘parte de erenzio’)

  3. There are Romance expressions, such as “parte de herencia” (or something like that), “trabajo”, and some others but I think these are loanwords in a non-Romance language. There also are nasal vowels which rules out most Romance languages apart from French, Portuguese and Galician. Listening to a sample of Galician, for example, I can identify every other word or root, at least, but not here. An Austronesian language is not likely either … So yes, a Native American language with a Romance superstrate is a good guess.

  4. It’s pretty clearly an indigenous language from a Spanish-speaking country, but beyond that I have no idea

  5. My guess is a South American or Central American indigenous language. not Mexican (North American), not Araucanian, or Quechua-Aymara-Jaqaru, or Selk’nam or Yamana … at the moment I don’t know what it is.

  6. I think it is related to Guaraní or Ava Ñe’e, maybe Mbyá o any other guaranitic language.

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