8 thoughts on “Language Quiz

  1. The only thing that gives me any sort of suggestion as to what it might be is that I thought I heard the word “Afghan” at least twice so it is some language from the Afghanistan or Tajikistan region?

  2. I click the ‘Play’ arrow, but nothing happens. Anyone else having this problem? (Clearly, Hank didn’t.)

  3. I kept hearing “yaani” which is an Arabic word. But it was definitely not Arabic. I think maybe it’s an Iranian language. Let’s saaaaay… Ossetian??

  4. This time the sample directly relates to newly posted website content, so I accidentally bumped into the solution straight away.

  5. It sounds afro-asiatic , perhaps semitic…but I’m not so sure to determine . I think it’s not Farsi-Dari-Tojik , Ossetian…but perhaps another language of Afghanistan?

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