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Multiocular O

Today I heard about a very unusual and rare Cyrillic letter – the Multiocular O (Мультиокулярная О in Russian):

According to Wikipedia, this letter is “a rare exotic glyph variant of the Cyrillic letter O. This glyph variant can be found in certain manuscripts in the phrase «серафими многоꙮчитїи» (many-eyed seraphim)”. It appears in a copy of the Psalms from about 1429.

This is an example of what it looks like in a sentence:

Multiocular O in a sentence

Source: ВикипедиЯ

Some other unusual Cyrillic letters include:

  • Monocular O: Ꙩ ꙩ – used in ꙩко (eye)
  • Binocular O: Ꙫ ꙫ – used in ꙫчи ([two] eyes)
  • Double Monocular O: Ꙭ ꙭ – used in ꙭчи ([two] eyes)
  • Hundred thousands: ҈
  • Millions: ҉
  • Thousand millions: ꙲

None are commonly used, but I’m happy to know that they exist.

Who needs emoticons when you have letters like and ?

Do you know of any other unusual letters in Cyrillic or other scripts?

4 thoughts on “Rare Letters

  1. Glyphs such as ҈ are modifiers. They are set around a letter and multiply its numeric value. See if this renders correctly on your screen: а ҈
    The idea of combining words with emoji is interesting. How about ȇyȇs? Or ęar?

  2. There are Chinese characters that are really rare variants. The Chinese character with the greatest number of strokes is actually used in the name of a regional noodle dish only. Namely the “Biang biang noodles in Shaanxi province of China.

  3. I always thought the Cyrillic letters in the U+046x block were unusual. The letters Ѧ ѧ Ѩ ѩ Ѫѫ Ѭ ѭ to me look like rocket ships, some with a “launching pad” (Ѩ) and some without (Ѧ), and the letters Ѯ ѯ look like bizarre snakes.

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