Stuck in Paris

I had a pleasant wander around Montreal yesterday morning, and a nice lunch in Vieux Montréal, then headed to the airport. It wasn’t very busy, so I got through security in no time, and didn’t have too long to wait for the plane.

On the flight from Montreal to Paris I was sitting between two Tunisians – a old guy who I think lives in Paris, and a young woman who recently moved to Montreal to study in a university there. We chatted a bit in French, and he occasionally switched to Tunisian Arabic. I watched the Shawshank Redemption and really enjoyed it. I’d heard good things about it before, but hadn’t seen it. We arrived in Paris CDG at 5am local time (11pm Montreal time), and I’m feeling very tired as I didn’t manage to sleep much on the plane.

Unfortunately my flight to Manchester, which should have left at 7:20am this morning has been cancelled due to the strike, so they’ve re-booked me on a flight that leaves at 6:20pm, so I’ve only got another 11 hours or so to wait. I could pop into Paris for the day, I suppose, but don’t really feel like it. I’ll just do some work on Omniglot, and read. There’s even a piano here that I could play a few tunes on – someone is currently playing a rather nice classical piece that I don’t recognise. Air France has generously given me two vouchers to buy food and drink up to the value of €24.

So I should be home by about 11pm tonight – only 11 hours late!

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