Polyglot contest

A challenge has been issued on the Omniglot fan club on Facebook to make a polyglot video of you speak all the languages you know well to see who can speak the most languages. Some have already taken up the challenge, others are seeing it as a bit of fun.

What do you think of the multilingual videos that can be found on YouTube? Have you made any polyglot videos?

Many of the ones I’ve seen are of people talking about how they have learnt various languages in those languages. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I would like to see something different – something funny, informative and/or useful – such as interesting factoids about different countries and languages, interesting words and expressions, stories, jokes, tongue twisters and so on.

I have only made monolingual and bilingual videos so far. Since Xtranormal disappeared last year I haven’t made any more videos, but I’ve finally thought of a way to make them – using hand puppets – I prefer not to appear in them myself for various reasons. All I need to do now is find a way to edit videos. Can you recommend any good and easy-to-use video editing software?

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2 Responses to Polyglot contest

  1. Lindsay Dow says:

    Hey! This sounds fun! I’ll definitely give it a go! 🙂
    I edit my videos with Final Cut Pro X which is very user friendly but it’s pretty expensive and you need a Mac (thankfully I have one I can borrow on film days!)

  2. MadFall says:

    I’ve watched some of these and also get annoyed that the protagonists only talk about their languages. A better challenge would be for them to discuss a range of unseen topics in any language in which they claim proficiency.

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