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At the beginning of 2013 I mentioned on this blog that I planned to continue studying Breton and Russian, and maybe have a go at Swedish or Norwegian. I hoped, though didn’t mention, that I would be able to converse reasonably well in Breton and Russian by now, but haven’t achieved that. I continued my studies of both languages throughout most of the year, with some breaks, especially towards the end of the year, but rarely had opportunities to speak either language with others, so my conversational abilities didn’t develop as much as my listening and reading skills.

This year I plan to concentrate on Dutch and Russian, while maintaining and improving my other languages. I know people who speak or who are learning Dutch, so have regular opportunities to speak the language. I hope to find some Russian speakers to speak Russian with as well.

What are you language learning plans for this year?

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5 Responses to Language learning plans

  1. joe mock says:

    I have 4 language system in place which is roughly advanced reading in a language I more or less know, one classical language, also advanced reading, one ‘getting-there’ language and one relatively new language. This year it looks like something in Russian, probably Tolstoy, some Medieval Greek or Latin, probably a push to reading fluency in Irish and probably classical Arabic, an introductory course. That goes for six months, then we’ll see. I may do a German novel instead of Tolstoy and Coptic instead of the Greek, all depends on how I feel on Epiphany which is launching date.

  2. Syntax says:

    Over 2014 and 2015, become fluent in Irish, develop my vocab. around cooking, food and the kitchen in Estonian, read The Half-Blood Prince in French and learn basic Norwegian.

  3. Jim Morrison says:

    Get fluent in Catalan and get conversational in Basque!

  4. Esteban says:

    Hungarian! What a wonderful language!

  5. IronMike says:

    I’m mimicking your “language a month” thing. December was spent working on my Cornish, which I haven’t touched in years. This month I’m trying out Lakota. Not sure what next month will bring, perhaps Old English. I’ll throw Russian and BCS in there somewhere, try to bring those languages back up.

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