Today I finally got round to signing up for Twitter, something I’d considered for a long time, but didn’t do anything about – this is often how I do things, or rather don’t do them. I’ll be tweeting as @Omniglossia as someone else is using @Omniglot. I plan to use to as a place to post sentences that I’ve put together in languages I’m learning. I try to make them memorable by adding unusual, silly and funny elements along with the ordinary words I want to remember. Your corrections, comments and suggestions are always welcome. I’ll also use it promote stuff going on elsewhere in the Omniglot realm.

Do you use Twitter as a tool for learning languages and/or for practising languages?

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One Response to Twitterizing

  1. Margaret says:

    Hi Simon,
    Congratulations on your first ‘tweet’ … glad to see you there, more to enjoy. I follow the German, French and Italians, just for practice and to learn up-to-date vocabulary: Twitter Deutschland @twitter_de – Twitter Français @TwitterFrance – Twitter Italia @twitter_it .
    I look forward to your ‘tweets’ in any language!
    Austin, Texas

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