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I had a wonderful time in Ireland last week, which is why I keep going back every summer. This year was my ninth visit to Oideas Gael and my seventh time at the summer school. Gleann Cholm Cille is beautiful, the people are great, and there’s a lovely, friendly, helpful, supportive atmosphere there. Everyone is happy to help one another with the Irish language, with music and with whatever else is needed. People from many different countries go there, so I have opportunities to use a variety of languages – this year I got to speak not just Irish and English, but also French, German and Japanese, and a bit of Czech and Portuguese.

With many local and visiting musicians, singers and dancers musical mayhem can break out anywhere at any time – in pubs, in restaurants and cafés, in car parks, and on the beach – I even played a few tunes on my low whistle at the bus stop while waiting for the bus on Saturday morning. I’ll certainly go back next year, and maybe will spend two weeks there, as there’s a harp week before the summer school, and I’ve wanted to learn the harp for a long time.

There are a few similar summer schools in Ireland and Scotland, and I’ve been looking for others in other countries. I know that some language schools offer combinations of language courses and cultural activities, like dancing, cooking, etc., but I haven’t found any like Oideas Gael. Do you know of, or have you been on, any similar ones? Are there any other places where spontaneous musical mayhem is likely?

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