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Here’s a recording of a verse from a song I’m currently writing. It contains a mixture of genuine words from Shetland dialect and words I made-up, plus a few that are based on Shetland words.

Here are the words:

When the plookplooks are a plinkin upon their peerie goos
And the baagies are a birlin in their muckle shoes
Beware the mirdin owld masgooms and the oolin mooratoogs
For they will snorf your scobbins, and then slunk doon in the snoob.

Can you work out which of the words are made-up and which are genuine, and what do you think they might mean?

I tried to sing in a Scottish accent, though I’m not sure if it’s from any particular part of Scotland. If I could sing in a Shetland accent I would. By using a mixture of Shetland words and made-up ones I’m not implying that the Shetland ones are in any way equivalent to the made-up ones.

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  1. Simon says:

    You can find the whole song (all three verses) with a glossary and recording in my songs section.

    Have you used made-up words in songs, stories or other things?

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