Baile Átha Clitha / Dublin

Well I’ve arrived in Dublin and am staying in a hostel in Lower Gardiner Street – it’s just outside the city centre so is handy for everywhere. Have just been for a wander around the city centre and St Stephen’s Green Park. There was even Japanese lad playing the harp on Grafton Street.

Have yet to hear anybody speaking Irish, but have heard Japanese, Cantonese, German and quite a few other languages.

The hostel provides free internet access, but there’s only one computer and many people are waiting to use so I’d better finish now.

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3 Responses to Baile Átha Clitha / Dublin

  1. It really is to bad that the Irish language has declined so much. To think that one could go to Ireland and not hear Irish! The same has ocurred in the United States as well, with the many different Native American languages.

  2. TJ says:

    How about Gallaimh!? ….. I think it’s better there though I never went there! 🙂

  3. Declan says:

    There is way more Irish on the west coast than the east. The east coast is way more anglicised. Galway city has numerous shop signs etc. in Irish.

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