Word of the day – nimhneach

nimhneach, adjective = painful, sore, (person) touchy, spiteful

Examples of usage
Tá sceadamán nimhneach orm = I have a sore throat
Tá droim nimhneach air = He has a sore back
Tá bolg nimhneach uirthi = She has a stomach-ache

Related words
nimh, noun = poison, venom
nimheadas, noun = antagonism, spitefulness
nimheanta, adjective = poisonous, spiteful
nimhigh, verb = to poison
nimhíoc, noun = antidote
nimhiú, noun = poisoning – nimhiú bia = blood food poisoning
nimhiúil, adjective = poisonous

This word came up in one of the Irish lessons I listened today and I really like it’s sound.

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4 Responses to Word of the day – nimhneach

  1. Damien Ryan says:

    In school we were always taught that scornach was throat. Not really sure what the difference between that and sceadamán could be.

  2. Simon says:

    My dictionary gives both words for throat. I think sceadamán might be an Ulster word – one of the courses I’ve been using, Now You’re Talking, concentrates on the Ulster dialect.

  3. Declan says:

    Yes, scornach is the Standard Irish for throath. Ulster is not really included simply becasue it is not in the Republic.

  4. nimhiú bia actually means food poisoning; blood poisoning = nimhiú fola.

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