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I received an email today about a number of vacancies at Rosetta Stone:

They are looking for Voice Actors, Voice Coaches and Audio Reviewers who are native speakers of, or have native-level fluency in Vietnamese, Turkish and Tagalog. They are also keen to find people who speak Latin well or who have a good knowledge of the language.

If you’re interested, please contact:
or LatinAudition@RosettaStone.com

Ideal Voice Talent and Audio Reviewer candidates have prior experience in audio reviewing, voice acting, voiceover, dubbing, broadcast, theatre, film or a closely related field.

Here’s a PDF with more details.

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3 Responses to Voice Actors – Voice Coaches – Audio Reviewers

  1. Alicia says:

    Dear Simon,

    Thank you for posting this! I do appreciate it. Have a wonderful day.


  2. David says:

    Nice post Simon. Will look into details. Perhaps I could recommend this to some of my friends who are professional voice talents. Thanks!

  3. Ken Gonzales says:

    Wow! I’ll try to apply … I’m a native speaker of Tagalog … but I’m still living in the Philippines … should I go to the country where the recording sessions will be done? Guess I should just check the website …

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