Language quiz

Here’s a recording in a mystery language. Do you know or can you guess which language it is, and where it’s spoken?

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  1. Greg says:

    I would guess that it’s Kurdish, mostly spoken in Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria. Could be another Iranic language however; such as Dari, Tajik, Pashto or even something more obscure like Luri.

  2. AR says:


  3. Polly says:


  4. Ben says:

    I’m gonna go one further and say it’s Sorani Kurdish.

  5. Podolsky says:


  6. Adam says:

    Dwi’n credu Manaweg mae rhyw flas Gwyddelig arno fe rhyw sut, A’i iaith Goidel yw e neu beth?


  7. Simon says:

    Adam – nid iaith Celtaidd ydy hi.

    AR got it -the language is indeed Ossetianian (ирон æвзаг / дигорон æвзаг), an Iranian langauge spoken mainly in Ossetia, a region that is partly in Russia and partly in Georgia.

    The recording is of Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and was made by Taymuraz Zaseev.

    Here’s the Ossetian text:
    Адӕймӕгтӕ се ‘ппӕт дӕр райгуырынц сӕрибарӕй ӕмӕ ӕмхуызонӕй сӕ барты. Уыдон ӕххӕст сты зонд ӕмӕ намысӕй, ӕмӕ кӕрӕдзийӕн хъуамӕ уой ӕфсымӕрты хуызӕн.

  8. pavel says:

    Taymuraz Zaseev was in the “artist name” tag…

  9. garance says:

    Well done guys! I was off by a thousand miles! I remember reading that persian was the most beautiful language on earth, I think that it was in the memoirs of the pirate Trelawney, who was a friend of Shelley.

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