My Language Notebook

My Language Notebook is a free program I heard about the other day that helps you to keep and organise notes on the languages you’re studying.

You can use the program to make notes of sentences and longer texts, add translations and notes, and also record audio. You can also upload your notes to the site to share with other learners, and download notes made by others.

This has potential to be a useful tool, and the author has plans to add more features, such as a spaced repetition system.

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  1. thanks for this! looks interesting. once the community gets a bit livelier, it might be a great resource. couldn’t find anything for “study language” Korean. 🙁

  2. Aaron says:

    Something that I’ve found very helpful for learning languages is to focus on the daily tasks that I do each day. And then I make a little dialogue about 4 sentences long. (Things that I would actually say in that situation.) Then I go to a native and ask them how to say it in their language. The trick comes in handy because most people have a routine that they follow every week and every day. So you’ll learn dialogues and be able to practice each one a lot so you’re able to memorize them fairly quickly. Also you use them a lot since most of us follow a routine, and you don’t have to learn out of the ordinary phrases. Basically there aren’t a lot of dialogues that each individual would have to memorize to be able to communicate in the situations that they would find themselves. is based on this fact and adds to the list of most common situations and dialogues daily. I’ve been able to learn 8 languages fluently(reading, writing, speaking) really fast.

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