Foreign songs

Recently while looking for songs in various languages I came across the following sites:

Spanish Songs Translations – a blog featuring songs in Spanish from Spain and Latin America with English translations. There are also videos of the songs being sung.

Russian songs – a collection of traditional Russian, Cossack and Ukrainian songs with videos and background information.

I’ll try and learn some of these and add them to my collection of songs on Omniglot.

Do you know of any similar collections of songs in other languages?

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  1. lynneguist says:

    You might be interested in this–a blog by a friend who uses electronic translators to put English songs into other languages and then back to English again. Most amusing.

  2. @lynneguist, that Babel Pop blog is very amusing. But it hasn’t been updated in over six months! Has your friend abandoned that blog?

  3. lynneguist says:

    That friend has lots of blogs and has been putting attention elsewhere. But it might spring to life again!

  4. It’s abandoned for the foreseeable future, though it’s not, as lynneguist said, necessarily dead.

  5. karakorum says:
    This is a blog of Arabic music, lyrics, and translations. There is a bit of inconsitency in what’s under a song (some have transliterations, some don’t). The classical Arabic songs section is very interesting, and some entries on some songs in dialects have interesting (though unintentional) linguistic and social notes.

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