Irish language resources

Here are a couple of online resources I came across today for learning Irish:

Everyday Irish – a series of Irish language lessons by Liam Ó Maonlaí, lead singer of the Hothouse Flowers, and offered for free by the Irish Independent. The lessons are in the form of mp3s with accompanying worksheets in PDF format. They are available for beginners and more advanced students.

Talk Irish – a new Irish language learning project which will offer free Irish word-a-day emails, podcasts and flashcards. At the moment only the word-a-day is available, once you’ve joined the site.

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  1. Dia duit – just a quick mention of our Irish language programme – One Minute Irish – which can be found at and on iTunes here.

    Beir bua!


  2. Dusepo says:

    Hey. I found this and was wondering if you could help me. I have no idea what language it is. If you could tell me what language this is, I’d be very grateful. Thanks in advance.

    Dak ngāt antherto nōka inter pon. Opēko, yeset tayōg sakapet kek’negōq, thoron sēntaref en’vafes. Dak ēmes sēntaref fas ta aka rēk sōthet fele. Ta yeset tōkē, dak fas sēntaref trato pen’aret mēnotenq.

    Dak letops konet apēkanes prō o en’prō. Dak ēmes ten’tanako apēkaneq, samoter nomop. Dak ngerada lēs ten rōpen.

    Samoter dak’ten rōpen, dak mēses mēsefon “Ngofē Fon Ten” lēs dak moketa. Dak ēmes ngus mala, samoter nomop.

    Samoter dak lefas misefon, ten’leles aka rēk sōthet fele taren prō pon. Dak ten’leles ten’lōpeks panokan trato ngaka gōldoq.

  3. e-zuka says:

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  4. d.m.falk says:

    The Irish Independent’s effort is not too dissimilar to the BBC’s Welsh effort at:



  5. Colm says:

    American born Irish Comedian Des Bishop, who learned Irish after only one year has started his own course online at:

  6. John Harding says:

    Hey, I have a friend who’s American Irish and we’re running a blog about language learning together (can be found here )… He also knows about and we enjoy your work. Keep it going. 😉

  7. Christopher says:

    We at Transparent are proud to be offering an embeddable Irish Word of the Day:


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