Brooch puzzle

This photo of a brooch was sent in by a visitor to Omniglot who believes that the parts under the birds might be writing – possibly Hebrew. Can anyone make sense of it?

Brooch with writing on it

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7 Responses to Brooch puzzle

  1. lau says:

    Looks like it says שלום (shalom). I guess that means that the birds are doves.

  2. Magnus says:

    Yes, I’d agree that it says שלום (shalom), which is Hebrew for peace (although that’s something of an under-translation, I gather). That would certainly fit with the Biblical imagery of the doves and olive branch (from the story of Noah in Genesis 8).

  3. TJ says:

    yes it’s shalom (salam) meaning Peace.

  4. Jonathan K. says:

    It’s shalom (שלום), which means peace (in both a literal and wider sense), but also in the sense of tranquility and harmony. The first letter, shin, seems to be in an oldish style for it. The doves and olive branch are both symbols for it, as well as a symbol for eventual stability and peace.

  5. Drabkikker says:

    Simon! Can’t You read Hebrew?!

  6. Dan, ad nauseam says:

    Agreed, it’s Hebrew, and reads shalom, but it took a minute to recognize the lamed.

  7. John says:

    Funny. I’m French and I saw the birds before seeing the text, and when I actually noticed the text I immediately read it as “oizo”, a phonetic spelling of “oiseau”. No matter how much I try to see Hebrew letters, I can’t make “oizo” disappear.

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