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This is a song that I learnt this week at one of the choirs I go to. Does anyone know what language it’s in and what it means? We were told that it’s a “gypsy song from Czechoslovakia” and that it’s a counting song. The words look like a mixture of Romany and Spanish – possibly Caló.

Dui, duj, duj, dui desu duj,
Te comida, te comida,
Par no muj

O kalo muj na kamar,
Dere kostat kikana,
Saj Iago, say Iago,

I don’t know the answers this time. All I’ve been able to find out is that there are recordings of the song on some albums of Hungarian gypsy songs, or at least a song with the same first line, and that the final word, Romnake, appears to be associated with the Hungarian-Carpathian gypsies.

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  1. suchosch says:

    It can be in “Romani” (romština in Czech), but i’m not sure… Try this link:

  2. PP says:

    Suchosh: Romani=Romany

  3. sarboz says:

    George Dalaras, a Greek musician, also sings a song that starts Dui, Dui, in addition to many of the Roma artists I have encountered. It means two, I know that much.

  4. rocksta says:

    The desu might be from Japanese.

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