New design for Omniglot

Recently I’ve been tinkering with the design of Omniglot. This doesn’t involves any major changes, at least I’m not planning to make any major changes at the moment – it’s more a case of changing colours and logos, and trying to improve menus. You might have noticed a few changes already – for example there are new links at the top of some pages, and a new menu on the side of others. You can see more changes on this page.

Any comments and suggestions are welcome.

Is there anything about Omniglot you’d like to see changed or improved?

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3 Responses to New design for Omniglot

  1. Lore says:

    I actually would like to put in my opinion about something I would like to NOT change in the redesign – I do really love the current color scheme, and the design of the homepage. I would hate to see them change. (But it is your website, so I’ll understand if you do end up changing them.)

  2. renato says:

    for sure all changes (even small ones) in a first moment are strange. The logo is interesting, it seems people dancing. I had noticed the vertical tool bar at left side, but i didn’t have realize it was a new bar, i thought it was an add. the top bar with the about the languages, it is also interesting, even keeping the bottom bar with news and blog. but I didn’t like the color

  3. Simon says:

    Here’s a version that uses a slightly darker blue than the current one.

    The logo is an example of Vertical English Calligraphy by Yongsheng Zhao. It’s English letters made to look like old Chinese characters. If you look at it side on you will see what it says.

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