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Here is a recording of me saying the names of five places in England. Each is spelt in a way that doesn’t match the pronunciation. Can you work out which places they are?

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  1. The second one would be “Worcestershire” ?

  2. By the way, the third sounds like “Kirchner”, but I think he’s no English city!

  3. Mike says:

    I think the last one is Suffolk, but I could be wrong.

  4. Pao says:

    haha funny one Jose. I do think Kirchner was not said earlier. He is definitely no English town.

  5. Joseph Staleknight says:


  6. Jonathan K says:

    My guess-I’m pretty sure on all of them but the first one.

    Heysham, Lancashire
    Woolfardisworthy, Devon
    Cholmondeley, Cheshire

  7. Guido says:

    The last one is Southwark, not Suffolk

  8. David says:

    Here’s what they sound like to me. I decided to just guess instead of cheating and looking up UK placenames. 🙂

    – Heathshire
    – Worcestershire (this one way easy, based on the pronunciation of the sauce)
    – Woolsey
    – Shalney
    – South Ark

  9. Simon says:

    Here are the answers:

    1. Heysham, Lancashire – /’hi:ʃəm/
    2. Worcestershire – /’wʊstɚʃə/
    3. Woolfardisworthy, Devon – /’wʊlzi/
    4. Cholmondeley, Cheshire — /’tʃʌmli/
    5. Southwark, Greater London — /’sʌðək/ or /’sʌvək/

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