Seal script puzzle

Seal script characters

The characters in the images on the right appear on the front of a Wing Chun Kung Fu school and a visitor to this site is curious to know what they mean.

They look like Chinese Seal Script characters, but I can only recognise parts of them. Can you help to decipher them

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  1. It says: 詠萅(春)祕技
    Translation: Wing Chun Secret Techniques.
    Pronunciation (mandarin): yông chūn mì jì
    Pronunciation (cantonese): wing2 cheun1 bei3 gei6

    It uses a old different character for ‘spring’ (unicode 8405)

    I hope it helps you!

    See you!


  2. Jayarava says:

    If you don’t get any response these guys might be able to help:

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