Babylonian and Assyrian Poetry and Literature

An Assyriologist at Cambridge University have made recordings of poetry and literature in Babylonian and Assyrian and posted them online. Some of the works date back to about 1,900 BC and include The Epic of Gilgamesh, The Babylonian Epic of Creation and even an Incantation for Dog Bite.

This is the first time such recordings have been made and the main aim is to provide illustrations of theories about Babylonian and Assyrian pronunciation, metre, etc.

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3 Responses to Babylonian and Assyrian Poetry and Literature

  1. Drabkikker says:

    Who would have guessed these Mesopotamians had such European accents?
    But seriously: this is pretty cool indeed.

  2. Yenlit says:

    According to Hollywood any legendary figure nearly always ends up with a curious faux Irish accent?

  3. Daydreamer says:

    Quite sure Simon will use the readings as a source for future language quizes 🙂

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