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Here are a number of recordings of people from different countries speaking English. Can you work out which countries they come from?

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  1. Ben L. says:

    1- Australia
    2- Australia
    3- “ple-THO-ra”? Never heard that in the US… Canada
    4- “MAR-dr at de OUS-grz”? Ireland
    5- “stoof” and “PAIR-pe-tra-tr” Ireland
    6- “we’re now3(=glottal stop) crossing live” South Africa

  2. Colm says:

    1) Australia
    2) New Zealand
    3) United States
    4) England
    5) Ireland
    6) South Africa


  3. Danial says:

    1. Scotland
    2. Australia
    3. America
    4. England (although the starting was sounded like Swedish)
    5. Ireland
    6. South Africa

  4. James/Iago says:

    New Zealand
    South Africa

  5. Juliette says:

    I agree mostly with Colm, though I think 4 is Ireland.
    5 could be England, only the perpetrator pronounciation would indicate that it might be Ireland.

    So my guess would be:
    1. Australia
    2. New Zealand
    3. Canada (US ?)
    4. Ireland
    5. England
    6. South Africa

  6. Jeksi says:

    1 and 5 sound British,
    3 and 6 sound American,
    2 sounds Australian,
    and 4 has the tone of something played in reverse. Does it have to be something from an English-speaking country? I’d guess Swedish if not. Maybe Irish or Scottish?

  7. BnB says:

    I think 1 is New Zealand, although I have to admit having a hard time telling it from Australian…

    2: South Africa

    3: I thought Canada, but the interviewer said “about” in a distinctly non-Canadian way, so US

    4 and 5 sounded pretty Irish to me…

    6: England?

  8. Matt says:

    1. Australian

    2. New Zealand

    3. United States of America

    4. Scotland

    5. Irish

    6. South Africa

  9. d.m.falk says:

    1 and 2 are Australia and New Zealand, respectively.
    3 is American, specificly from Minnesota.
    4: Ireland- It’s from RTE, I think.
    5: Mersey English
    5: South Africa, perhaps Cape Town, rather than Johannesburg.


  10. d.m.falk says:

    Er, 6. Typo. 🙂


  11. David says:

    1- Australia
    2- New Zealand
    3- America
    4- Irish
    5- England
    6- South Africa

  12. Claudius says:

    1 New Zealand
    2 Austrailia
    3 Canada other guy is american
    4 Irish but sounds like BBC accent
    5 English
    6 South Africa

  13. Colm says:

    Well there is one thing that is sure. Number 5 is definetly Irish, I listen to that guy every day on the radio. 😉

  14. Simon says:

    Here are the answers:

    Recording 1
    Country: Australia
    Radio station: ABC Radio National

    Recording 2
    Country: New Zealand
    Radio station: Radio New Zealand

    Recording 3
    Country: Canada
    Radio station: CBC

    Recording 4
    Country: UK (Northern Ireland)
    Radio station: BBC Radio Ulster

    Recording 5
    Country: Ireland
    Radio station: RTÉ Radio 1

    Recording 6
    Country: South Africa
    Radio Station: SAfm

  15. Colm says:

    Cool! 4 out of 6 right. Not bad, not bad! 🙂

    Very interesting quiz Simon!

  16. Mike says:

    I believe that’s David Suzuki speaking on #3, he has a very distinct British Columbia accent, and with regards to the interviewer, not every Canadian has Canadian Raising in their diphthongs, so it’s still possible for him to be born and raised Canadian and not say “aboot” 😉

  17. Evan says:

    My guesses are:
    (I haven’t read the comments yet-I’m not cheating)

    1. Australia
    Or New Zealand, I don’t know what New Zealanders sound like.
    2. England (Northern?)
    I know someone who talks somewhat like that, from northern England
    3. U.S.A.
    Could be Canada, those are pretty hard to tell apart, at least from the sample
    4. Ireland
    The Irish have a very lyrical sort of speech, which, as far as I can tell, this is.
    5. Scotland
    Scottish is more rough, and the name of the minister mentioned seems to be a clue.
    6. Liberia?
    Mostly a guess, because they were talking about Ghana, and I had already guessed most of the major English-speaking countries.

    I hope I’m right; I should know this sort of thing…

  18. Evan says:


    1. I got Australia.

    2. I now know what New Zealanders sound like.

    3. Close enough, I said it could be Canada.

    4. I was pretty close to Northern Ireland.

    5. These are close, it does sound pretty rough for Ireland.

    6. I was surprisingly close; really, I should have gotten that.

    1 out of 6…and I say close to much. Oh, well…
    Guess I’d better study my dialects!

  19. James says:

    you are recking my morning with these quizzes: i have to finish next week´s lecture. Without cheating (naturally)

    1 Oz: he used to ply (play) monopoly and draym (dream)

    2 NZ: in twenty twenty -sux (2026)… they will do thus (this). classic forward vowel sounds

    3 canada: Initially thought it could be N states in USA, but he was aboot to set up (though it was quite subtle). Can´t tell you which side (I don´t know that many Canuks)

    4 Light N ireland: murdur and Helen Murun

    5 S ireland: lats of stuff (lots of stuff)

    6 S africa. Educated and ever so like NZ, but the dead give away is the auspicious awcasion (occasion), and the content…

    More more more


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