Writing Systems Research

I heard today that a new journal on writing systems, Writing Systems Research, was launched recently and sounds very interesting. The first issue includes articles on the evolution of writing, and literacy, and is can be read online for free.

Are there any other journals that focus specifically on writing systems or written language?

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  1. Written Language and Literacy is the only other English-language journal with a sole/specific focus on writing systems and literacy. Of course there are lots of other regional journals like Zeitschrift fur Papyrologie und Epigraphik or the Journal of Cuneiform Studies.

  2. Christopher Miller says:

    There’s also Written Language and Literacy, that has been published since 1998:


    On a side note, a new and much revised and expanded edition of The World’s Writing Systems is due to come out soon, under the editorship of Peter T. Daniels (William Wright having passed away many years ago).

  3. Christopher Miller says:

    Sorry, that should be William Bright; that was an unfortunate slip of the finger due to “write”.

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