Language quiz

Here is a handwritten note in a mystery language. Can you work out what language it is?

handwritten note in a mystery language

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  1. Podolsky says:

    It looks like a Greek papyrus probably 2000 years old.

  2. Clark says:

    Is it a fragment of a letter from Vindolanda by any chance? In which case it would be in Latin.

  3. Victoria says:

    Complete guess but … how about sanskrit?

  4. Victoria says:

    No, wait …. Norse?

  5. Evans Knight says:

    theres a letter in the second line that looks like a hebrew lamed.

  6. AR says:

    It may be an ancient middle eastern script.

  7. Josh says:

    I say Latin- I’ve seen something like this before somehow associated with the Romans, but I can’t remember how.

  8. Joseph Staleknight says:

    I doubt that it was Hindi. That looks more like papyrus that it’s written on, and so should be a Mediterranean language.

    Yeah, definitely papyrus.

  9. d.m.falk says:



  10. Simon says:

    The writing is cursive Latin handwriting. It comes from Caesarea in Mauretania and dates back to the 2nd Century AD. The text is an acknowledgement of debt.


  11. Alexandra says:

    Latin in Roman cursive, a nightmare for any palaeography student 😉

  12. James says:

    It looks semitic: I can see letters which look like a Lamek and a peh, but it´s not a semitic script I know and I would say that it is written L-R and not R-L – look at the slant of the letters and the direction of the weight of the pen in the cross strokes. So I don´t think semitic.

    but something old from the papyrus it´s written on. It´s also not greek. Stumped. Something old that is not semitic or greek.

    OK I looked. Latin? Well I supose it is ancient and non-semitic


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