Name the language

Here’s a recording of part of a news bulletin from the BBC World Service. Can you identify the language?

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16 Responses to Name the language

  1. Declan says:

    Something Asian, but I dont know what.

  2. Jonathan C. says:

    Macedonian, perhaps?

  3. Not entirely sure, but I would guess this to be part of the Slavic language family.

  4. I hear what seems to be a Russian plural instrumental case ending in “ami”. So it’s probably a Slavic language.

  5. Juliette says:

    I haven’t got a clue. I seem to hear something being said about the French and Chiraq and straight after something about the Americans in Iraq.

  6. Halabund says:

    It sounds Slavic. Ukrainian perhaps?

  7. Stephen says:

    It’s obviously Slavic, and I’m detecting some Balkan Sprachbund characteristics, which would make it either Macedonian, Bulgarian, or some Serbian dialect. Bulgarian is too obvious (and BBC doesn’t broadcast in it), and Serbian Torlak is too obscure and there is no BBC service in Serbian Torlak, but there is for Macedonian, so I’m guessing Macedonian.

  8. Podolsky says:

    No doubt Ukrainian.

  9. Travis says:

    For some reason this doesn’t sound Slavic enough to me, so much as some exotic form of a Latin based language. I’ve never heard Romanian before, but that’s my guess.

  10. dmh says:

    well, considering the clip mentions yanukovich, the ukrainian prime minister, I’d say ukrainian…

  11. Josh says:

    I’m thinking it’s romanian… only because I understood very small bits of it and I have absolutely NO background in anything slavic. I heard “primeri” which I’m guessing means “first”, and I heard other small words like this that seemed vaguely familiar to me.

  12. Evans Knight says:

    I don’t want to sound stupid by guessing something unobscure, but Russian?

  13. Halabund says:

    It’s not Romanian. Romanian doesn’t sound Slavic.

  14. Wren says:

    It’s definitely something Slavic. I thought it might be Bulgarian, but if the BBC apparently don’t broadcast in it, maybe it’s Macedonian? (odd that they broadcast in Macedonian but don’t broadcast in Bulgarian – I was under the impression that Bulgarian had many more speakers)

  15. Simon says:

    The answer is … Ukrainian. Well done dmh and Halabund for guessing correctly.

  16. Nick says:

    Just guessing… but I definitely think it sounds like a romance language with a kinda slavic intonation. Therefore, it has to be romanian

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