The Audio Archive

I came across the Audio Archive yesterday while searching for information about the pronunciation of English dialects.

The archive is part of an newsgroup about English and contains recordings by English speakers from around the world of a number of different texts.

Other collections of English dialect recordings including the British Library’s Sounds Familiar? and Archival Sound Recordings, the BBC Voices project, Sound Comparisons, the American English Dialect Recordings at the Library of Congress, and the International Dialects of English Archive.

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2 Responses to The Audio Archive

  1. bronz says:

    Another site I like is the Speech Accent Archive:

    Quirky text, IPA transcriptions, and a database of the phonetic inventory of a good number of languages.

  2. jonathan says:

    I realize that Russian does not have such a varied range of accents, but still, is there something like these archives, which compare Russian variations in speech?

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