Name the language

As yesterday’s quiz question was too easy, I’ve decided to give you an extra one that’s a bit harder today. Here’s a recording of a different mystery language. Can you identify the language?

No clues this time.

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10 Responses to Name the language

  1. Bill Walsh says:

    Hmm. Maltese?

  2. ISPKN says:

    Sounds like Maltese to me as well. It definitely sounds Semitic. I’ve also heard some languages from Ethiopia that sound very similar to Arabic.

  3. Josh says:

    It’s definately Maltese.

  4. ISPKN says:

    you spelled definitely wrong

  5. Josh says:

    That I definitely did, jiddispjacini.

  6. Laci the Hun says:

    faċli 🙂 I love Maltese it is very close to Darija, and it is really exciting when I compare them coz most of the times Maltese is very innovative of course, yet sometimes proves to be conservative think of mejda-طبلة aħna-حنا tnejn- جوج
    and so on

  7. Laci the Hun says:

    by the way did you know that ikħal (now replaced by blu) meant blue in Maltese but originally it means black in Darija
    it is interesting that sg. similar happened in Hungarian when the word for blu and the word for green replaced one another

  8. Simon says:

    And the answer is … Maltese.

    This wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be.

  9. ISPKN says:

    I like quizzes, I think you should do them more often.

  10. Wow! I honestly had no idea what language it was when I listened to it, but it sounded Semitic, and Maltese was my first guess (even before I looked at the comments). I figured the answer would be a fairly obscure language since Simon said this one would be harder.

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